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Beauty Treatment Discount

Beauty Treatment Discount

Discounts Category: Health, Fitness & Beauty
Company: Solo Beauty
Discount: 10%

10% Discount off all beauty treatments.

Our aim is to offer the finest selection of treatments and products that nature can provide.
Here at Solo Beauty all our Beauty Therapists are experienced and fully qualified.


Face Treatments
 Massage and Relaxation
Body Essentials
Slimming and Toning
Eye Treatment/Finishing Touches
Hands and Feet
Laser Hair Removal

Derma-needling pricks the skin with tiny needles that to the human eye heal overnight skin will immediately look smoother, however a healing response will kick start a full process that takes 7 to 12 month and this is when the real improvements take place. This is a less expensive alternative to skin peels and laser with dramatic results.

  • Tightens loose skin
  • Reduce lines or wrinkles
  • Reduce scarring eg acne, surgical, pitted or raised scars
  • Restore pigmentation

Course of 3 £300

Thermopeel - A 3 part treatment using dermabrasion and a healing laser to remove surface skin then we use a radio frequency to tighten the skin and reallign the colligen and finally we will apply a cocktail of product and use a messo therapy current to force the product to the deeper layers.

Course of 6 treatments £350

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