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The SASRA Executive

SASRA AGM to be delayed.

Following the usual preparation for the SASRA AGM, the Executive have found it necessary to postpone the date of the meeting due to the unavailability of year end financial information.  Unfortunately, this will require the meeting to be arranged outside of the timescale required by our Articles of Association.

The decision was not taken lightly.  However, we wished to report accurate financial status figures as there are a number of specific issues, SCFC facility and the purchase of the properties currently leased to SASRA by the NDA of specific interest.

The Accountant providing the financial service to SASRA utilises a SAGE package in order to supply the Executive with ongoing financial reports, The SAGE package has been problematic and has therefore not delivered the service required to enable us to close out our 2017/18 accounts which are presented at the AGM.

This is not a situation the Executive are happy about and we are attempting to expedite this matter as quickly as possible.  Following completion, the AGM will be notified in accordance with the usual procedures.

Attached is a national article from SAGE highlighting their current difficulties which has left us in this unsatisfactory position. Sage CEO steps down amid cloud problems

The Sasra Executive. 

SASRA is run by a board of directors known as The Executive.  

This is made up of the SASRA Chairman and eight other directors all of whom are elected at the AGM.  


SASRA Chairman: Mr Geoff Turrell

 Other Directors:

Michael Holdforth

Ian Richardson 

Graham Robinson

Alice Thompson 

Andy Lee

Sharron Gallagher