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The SASRA Executive

SASRA AGM - 2020. 

Date: Wednesday 23 September 2020 

Time: 1900hrs 

Location: The Falcon Club, Egremont

Please find the Notice of the Annual General Meeting and the Executive Nomination Form, below. 




Dear Members

Firstly, I would like to thank you on behalf of the directors and myself, for the great loyalty that you have shown to the club, by keeping your membership with us. We greatly appreciate your understanding, in what is a difficult time for us all.

It has been a month since I last posted and a lot has happened since then. Following the Government directive on the 20th of March, we shut the Clubs at both sites (Falcon Club Egremont & Windscale Club at Seascale) as well as the Squash club/fitness facility in Egremont and Seascale community fitness centre. We have Furloughed all but four of our 40 staff on full pay and are topping the 80% Government scheme to make full pay for all furloughed staff, including the zero hours staff. Prior to the Government announcement about the Coronavirus job retention scheme, SASRA had already taken the decision to ensure that all staff were paid in full.

In my last post I asked for members to support us, where they were financially able to do so, by continuing their membership. Although there have been some cancellations, the majority of you have continued to support us, and we are truly grateful for that. We still have quite a few ongoing costs including 20% staff wages and 100% for non -furloughed staff. There are ongoing costs like gas, electric (all be it much reduced), security and fire alarm maintenance, telephone, insurance, pest contract etc all which still need to be paid on an ongoing basis.

Loyalty of our members is vital to the long-term well-being of SASRA and your understanding is very much appreciated during this unprecedented time. I would like to thank you once again and assure you that we are looking at ways to show our appreciation to our loyal members in the coming year. The 1000 Club draws are continuing as usual and the results of which can be found on the SASRA website.

I hope this goes some way in helping you understand the situation and the future plan. We thank you for your support and will continue to do our best to support our community in any way we can.

Thank You

Mandy Taylor General Manager & SASRA Directors

The Sasra Executive. 

SASRA is run by a board of directors known as The Executive.  

This is made up of the SASRA Chairman and eight other directors all of whom are elected at the AGM.  


SASRA Chairman: Mr Geoff Turrell

 Other Directors:

Michael Holdforth

Ian Richardson 

Graham Robinson

Alice Thompson 

Andy Lee

Sharron Gallagher