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1000 Club

March Results

To ensure these are delivered correctly, will any winners who have changed their details recently please notify SASRA on the following email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


1 -1000

£500 - Myrian Wood (F11516)lottery

£400 - Peter Todhunter (F09863)

£300 - Mary Broadbent (F11686)

1001 - 2000

£500 - Mark Cowx (F150038)

£400 - Jonathan O'Loughlan (F16091)

£300 - Shelia Ireland (F14369)

2001 - 3000

£500 - Stuart Murtagh (F11298)

£400 - John Murray (F12178)

£300 - Jennifer Sewell (F15570)

If any of the above winners have changed address, please notify SASRA to ensure that the cheques are issued appropriately.

All members welcome to join us.

How would you feel winning the jackpot? Don't miss your chance! Join our monthly lottery draw!

For just £4.50 per ticket per month, you are entered into the draw for guaranteed cash prizes to the value as per the prize schedule. This includes the chance to win £10,000 in December.

Every June guaranteed prizes of £1,000, £500, £400 and £300.

Every December £10,000 prize in all three Clubs.



Every December £10,000 prize in all clubs

Monthly tickets subscriptions are collected in the month preceding the draw.

Cheques are posted to winners home address in the month

The draw is made in the Falcon Club, Egremont.

Please ensure that your contact details are up to date.

Next £10,000 Draw: December 2020

We thank you for your continued support and most of all good luck!

 Calendar of Draws - 2020


£500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300 


£500, £400, £300 


£1000, £500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300 


£500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300


£500, £400, £300


£10,000, £1,000, £500, £400, £300

1000 club

1000 Club - Join Now!

How would you feel winning the jackpot?
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  £10,000 WINNERS

December 2019 - £10,000 WIN FOR CRAIG!

The delighted winner of the December £10,000 prize was Craig McDonald. Craig who is a shift monitor in Pond 5 is presented with his cheque by the SASRA Chairman Geoff Turrell.
Craig intends to give consideration to how to spend the cash however, a holiday could be high on his agenda.